Be Alright

Johnny went away for a while
and lost a lot of weight
He didn't have a job or a car
He didn't want to wait
Made a little extra cash sucking dick at Stu's
Packed his bags and faded away just a little confused
Not part of a generation with nothing to do
Destination Unknown, words misconstrued
Got a mind full of happiness and a body with
something to prove (nothing to lose)
not part of a generation with nothing to do
Fade away
I can't get away
My day
There's no other way
Tina shake shaked a the Burger King
With her hair done right yeah she's a queen
Made up with her mom and dad tonight Everything's alright
Johnny came back with a smile on his face
Got a fucked up hair cut and a brief case
High school drop out, nothing to do Not enough for you