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Self-released (250 Pressed)
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Introduction :

It's March 27, 2002. I have been teaching sixth graders in Naperville, IL for a little over 3 weeks. My cooperating teacher, who ironically has a son in a current "Fat" band, tells me he just talked to Mrs. Dinse over the weekend. She just wanted to see how I was doing. Little over two months ago, my oldest brother suffered a heart attack at my parents house. One of the paramedics on the scene: Rich Cassady.

Apocalypse Hoboken is not merely a marriage of convenience; this band has always been an inevitability. Scott, Rich, Ted, and myself all grew up in Glendale Heights, IL. We came together because of our shared love of music, and friendship. The line-up has changed many times throughout the years. At one time, Kurdt replaced Rich, we broke up, and reformed with Rich on bass again. Weird. When Bill Thompson joined, he insisted we get Kurdt back. Only Todd was outside of our immediate circle. Being younger than us, he attended just about every A.H. gig at Durty Nellies and McGregors as a fan. When Lyle returned to marital bliss in 1992, Todd answered an ad we put in record stores. He was the only one we bothered to audition.

Apocalypse Hoboken does not deserve a box set. Hell, Sly Stone doesn't even have a box set! I originally conceived a collection of CDs for myself, the band (past and present), and friends. I contacted Tony Piscia (who does our website), and he became my sounding board for this project. He liked the first CD of outtakes I sent him, so I figured we could make a limited number (250) and please everyone without having to deal with stores or making a big to do about how A.H. became so important, they needed a box set. We don't. But a D.I.Y. box set is a nice idea for those who really want it, and hopefully they won't all end up on e-bay. This box set represents just small slices of the A.H. output between 1990 and 2000. I have over 20 Cds full of live stuff, outtakes, rehearsals, etc. I tried to represent each line-up, from the current Todd/Sean/Scott/Kurdt/Andy band, to our humble beginnings as Glendale Heights' only punk rock band. If I made this just for us, it would be an entirely different affair. This collection is for the true obsessive/absurdist. We were in many a ways a terribly irreverent band. People often missed the humor in what we were doing, and that's unfortunate. Hopefully, you'll get a few good chuckles as you listen to this collection.

If anyone asks why Apocalypse Hoboken broke up, I can safely say we outgrew the band. We changed a lot over the years, and our priorities changed as well. This box set was produced mainly because we take great pride in the music we created. As the years wore on, and we toured more and more, the music became secondary in a lot of ways. It's hard to look at what's popular and say, "If we had done THAT, we'd be huge by now..." We did what we felt was right, and creative, and fun. Quite a few people viewed us as a product. We made Apocalypse Hoboken Brand Music. Unfortunately, when we started to violate that formula, many were unwilling to move forward with us. That pressure, and internal fights killed off a pretty good band. Rather than stubbornly fight on, we called it a day.

Apocalypse Hoboken was our lives for many years. We almost literally died a few times, there were many hospital visits (Kurdt and Todd), and we once went flying off an icy I-55 at 65 miles an hour and somehow walked away. Man, it was worth it. Even now, people who purport to be friends will tell me (now that it's over), "Oh, well I thought you guys kinda sucked, anyway". Well, regardless if it's today or twenty years down the road, I'll always stick up for my band. Fuck you. I'll always have the stories and the music. And the members of this band are still my best friends. This box set is our way of sharing those memories with all who supported us.

Thank you very much.

Epilogue :

Well, the story doesn't exactly end here, but for all practical purposes, it does. Scott moved to Michigan when we began touring, and without touring, he had no reason to stay in Illinois. He needed to make a living. Sean needed to get on with his life as well. Joe Escalante offered us a tour of Europe with The Vandals and The Ataris at the end of 2000. We accepted, only to find that neither Sean or Kurdt could actually go. With John San Juan doing guitar and keyboards, we recruited Erik Bocek and Scott Thompson and headed out to Europe. It was a blast, but it wasn't Hoboken.

By the end of 2000, Kurdt had left to pursue adulthood. The lineup of Todd/Sean/Erik Bocek/John San Juan survived into 2001, wrote a half dozen songs, and folded. We were doing great stuff, but I could feel that it wasn't quite what I wanted. It would take a lot of work to get back to where we were, and things were going from bad to worse. Todd was fighting constantly with his (ex)wife. She retaliated by selling our band equipment (none of which actually belonged to Todd, and she knew this). Debts we had accrued because of our touring (especially the van payment) were now becoming a serious problem. I wanted out. Bad. One reason we kept going was because I couldn't let Todd's wife think she had broken us up. Any money that is made from this box set will be used to pay the debts and replace all that was stolen.

I needed a really good, positive reason to bring all the guys back together, and celebrate our band without becoming really cheesy. This box set has helped us all a lot. I hope you like it as well. Now I can get on with my own pursuit of adulthood.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout the years. I wish I could give everyone a copy of this box set. Thanks to Rich and Bill for all the tapes. Thanks to Scott and Sean for tapes, too. Thanks to Kurdt for help in designing the set, and Todd for helping me come up with the idea in the first place. Thanks to Phil Bonnet just for making us feel legitimate. I miss him a lot. Sorry we didn't conquer the world, but at least we got to go to Portland. Br…………