"Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show" - Springman Records, 2003
1. Sweet Transvestite (Previously released on the Four CD Box Set)

"Plea For Peace" - Asian Man Records, 2000
1. Gummi (Previously Unreleased)

"Magnetic Curses" - Thick Records, 2000
1. The Devil Has a Pussy (Previously Unreleased)

"Local 101 Volume 2" - Q101, 2000
1. Little Fingers (Previously Released on Kung Fu #78775-2)

"Playing 4 Square"
A Four label sampler from Suburban Home, My Records, Negative Progression, and Drive Thru Records, 2000
1. Considerate Suicide (Previously Released on the Pale Incompetence compilation and SH-014)

"No Stars, Just Talent" - Kung Fu Records Sampler, 1999
1. Submissive Wetter (Previously Released on Kung Fu #78766-2)
2. Box of Pills (Perviously Released on Fueled By Ramen #007)

"The Check's In The Mail" - The Rise and Fall of the Rocco Empire, 1998
1. The Family Strong (The Pina Colada Song) (Previously Released on Rocco #15)

"Pale Incompetence" 7-inch - Bizzarro Records, 1998
1. Considerate Suicide (Previously Unreleased and appears under the band name Fink)

"Punk Bites II" CD/LP - Fearless Records, 1997
1. Pulling Worms Apart (Previously Unreleased)

"Marc's A Dick & Gar's A Drunk" CD/LP - Johanns Face, 1997
1. Quick Joey Small (Previously Unreleased)

"One Big Happy Slam Pit" CD/LP - Spider Club Music, 1997
1. The Family Strong (Previously Released on Rocco #15)

"Ground Rule Double" CD/Double LP - Divot/Action Boy 300 Records, 1996
1. Capitals (Previously Unreleased)

"Jolt-America's Most Powerful Compilation" CD - J4 Records, 1996
1. Be Alright (Previously Released on JFR019)

"Nothing To Believe In" CD - Know Records, 1995
1. All American (Previously Released on Split 7-inch with Sidekick Kato)

"A Taste Of Chicago" CD - Strike Out Rekhords, 1995
1. Safe Rock (Previously Unreleased)
2. Blistered Up (Previously Unreleased and appears under the band name "Drunk Old Guys")

"Planet Minivan" CD - Dyslexic Records, 1995
1. Oreo (Previously Unreleased)
2. Stand By Me (Previously Unreleased)

"Achtung! Chicago" CD/LP - Underdog Records, 1993
1. Punk Rock Gods (Re-recorded Version - Previously Unreleased)

"Decline of the Western Suburbs" 7-inch - Shakefork Records, 1989
1. Slack (Re-recorded Version - Previously Unreleased)

"Native American Treaty Rights" LP and 7-inch - Martin Sorrendeguy, 1989
1. Thug (Previously Released on the Green Monster 7-inch)