Pop Sensibilities
Great Escape
Personal Best
Teen Anger
Hopeless & Fucked
Drunk Helen

Johanns Face Records #JFR015
Out of Print

Our first release on Johann's Face, this was originally going to be a single 7-inch with "Pop Sensibilities", "Girl", "Microscopic", and "Drunk Helen". I guess that wouldn't have been too bad. We also attempted a re-make of "Mealy Mouth" (with Ken and Bob Bollweevils), but it just didn't work out. "Sixteen" was recorded and passed up in favor of "Hopeless and Fucked". "All American" and "13" were recorded too. The cover photo is Todd's then-girlfriend Jenny DeKneef from her high school days. The back cover photo has Darryl (Bollweevils), Pete (Oblivion), and Jason Jackson and Steve (Dyslexic Records) in it which we thought was pretty cool. Brian Peterson took the insert photos while we were playing Punk Fest in Ontario, Canada (and he never got credit. Ha!). Kurdt's friend, "Man", took some photos, too. The title was a play on Sonic Youth's double album Daydream Nation, though no one got the joke, (you know, double 7", double album......). This record and Jerk Lessons were released on CD with bonus live tracks recorded by John Emerson at Tunnels of Fun and Elgin's 3rd Floor. The fact that this was not noted on the CD is ENTIRELY KURDT'S FAULT!!!!