Pop Sensibilities
Great Escape
Personal Best
Teen Anger
Hopeless And Fucked
Drunk Helen
Idiot Revolution
Hello Hello
Pop Goes The Weasel
Small Things
Dear Abby
Ductape (Live)
Jag Rag, Six Pack And A Blunt (Live)
Badtime (Live)
Brett (Live)

Johanns Face Records #JFR026
Out of Print

We really wanted Jerk Lessons on CD, but a 6 song CD would've been a rip-off, so when we recorded Daterape Nation, we intended on releasing it on CD eventually. The double 7-inch version was cool, but sounded horrible. We went to Monsterdisc and prepared a CD master of Jerk Nation, and added some really sloppy live tracks recrded by John Emerson at Tunnels Of Fun and the Third Floor. The only problem was, Johann's Face didn't really want it, and Dyslexic wasn't allowed to release Daterape... on CD. Thus, we sat on it until Easy Instructions... came and went, and then it was hurridly put out with Kurt doing the artwork a few week before it went to press. This CD is probably the best of our early stuff, but we were never happy with it. When Dyslexic asked to re-release Jerk Lessons on vinyl, we were thrilled, and promised we would keep Jerk Lessons as it was originally intended, a VINYL release. Daterape Nation is now included as part of Inverse Reverse Perverse.