Jerk Lessons
Smoker's Cough
Not My Kind Of Guy
Be Alright
Butter On The Rim
Dean Is A Punk
Cindy (Nip Drivers)
Kicking My Head In
Hate Is Such A Strong Word
Gay Parade
Misguided Memories (The Freeze)
Sorry 'Bout The Mess
Space Glaze
So Emotional
Little Red Riding Hood (Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs)

Johanns Face Records #JFR019
Out of Print

Todd insisted on this title, and even had a lyric by the same title, but never used it. We had to record this quickly to finish it for our summer tour, so we've always had little bitches about it. We finally got to do a Nip Drivers song, and I think we did a Freeze cover, too (now there's an original idea). Whereas on past releases Bill and Scott did the majority of the songwriting, now everyone was gettin involved, which made it really fun and different. The cover was our take on The Rolling Stones' "Exile On Main Street", though the only thing we ever heard about it was, "Why are the KKK on the cover? Do you like the KKK? You're going to get in TROUBLE!" As of today, we still haven't gotten 'in trouble', Punk Rock is soooo daring these days. Also, the song "Kicking My Head In" was taken a little too literally. While we were trying to poke holes in "homophobic logic", some people just didn't understand the black humor we intend to inject into our songs. ("Gay Parade" has nothing to do with gay people, by the way). The first song should be a dead give-away as to how we feel about those who take everything at face value. "Little Red Riding Hood" became a regular set closer, and I think we've played "Sorry" live twice. "So Emotional", one of our favorite songs, with guest vocals by Tom Little Face from Sidekick Kato, has never been played live, because screaming for three minutes straight makes Todd a dull boy. "Dean Is a Punk", I think, is about someone in particular, not named Dean, though. The "Baby" (LP insert, CD back cover) is Todd's baby brother, Skylar.