The Family Strong

They dropped the bomb the other day technology has lit our way
America the Beautiful or so they say
1999 will be the best New Year's ever and Prince will be a rich man again
You and I holding hands walking towards a darkened sun
The family's strong so nothing's wrong a generation of closed eyes
Don't get me wrong I like it here it's just society I despise
I'll bring you down to the prehistoric level and I'm sad to say I'm just a man
So life's a bitch yeah we know that
Our world's nothing more than a grain of sand
Your getting head in a parking lot full of sweat
Wife's home in bed thinking of other men
Smoking crack in the bathroom of your bosses office
Kids ditching school dressing up in mom's closet
Looks like god has forgotten you
The plans you've made have all fallen through,
Its your thirteenth try at suicide
The gift of life is the biggest lie