Pulling Worms Apart
Dick Van Dyke
I'm At Least Eight Things
Port Wine Stain
Submissive Wetter
SS Decontrol
Tickled Pink
Card Playing War Cipples
Birds in the Aquarium
Anorexic Complextion
Troubling The Mood
Sex With Children
One Last Tasty Morsel
Theme From Meatballs

Kung-Fu Records #78766-2

After releasing Led Zepplein III, our first release with Sean on guitar, we already had a pretty good idea of what our next record would sound like. Songs like "I'm At Least 8 Things" and "Hazelnut" were already recorded, so we pieced this album together over a number of sessions throughout late 1996 and early 1997. A projected Blue Meanies split fell through, so we had plenty of material to chose from. A little more "rock and roll" and less punk (at least that's what the reviews said), we concentrated on writing better songs, and actually started to demo (!) our songs before going into the studio. This record probably best personified what set us apart from everyone else. Not that everyone thought that was a good idea. The whole record was written so it could be played live without any bullshit or rearranging.