Interview by Nick (05-20-99)

Who are you, what do you play and what is your favorite pickup line?

Scott: I'm Scott, I play guitar, I don't think I personally ever got off an impressive pick-up line in my life. I know its as old as the hills but if I had to pick one my favorite line would be "Are those space pants that you're wearing? Cuz your ass looks out of this world!" This line is always fun to lay on a overly aggressive drunk guy, it works best when you shake his hand and tickle his palm with your middle finger as you deliver the line.
Kurdt: My name is Kurdt, I play The electric bass guitar. Pick up line? "Nice shoes, lets fuck......"
Sean: Sean, guitar. "Hey, want to see a nude picture of Scott Hoffman?"

What are some of the largest influences on the band?

Kurdt: Whatever everybody else is doing, we usually do the opposite.
Sean: I like the Cows, Red Red meat, Jesus Lizard, Tom Waits.
Scott: I like anything that's played with guts and conviction, its usually attitude first with me. Listing specific bands would take all day. If anyone is interested they can e-mail me at and I'll give 'em all the stuff currently giving me a chub!

What is the Chicago scene like? Where are the best places to play?

Sean: everybody likes to talk in Chicago. rumors spread very quickly. I like playing at Fireside & metro.
Scott: The Chicago scene is cool. People regularly share coffee, pie and their ideas, backstabbing rarely occurs. Its a hard question to answer, I'm mostly into trying to make good music. As far as bands go I enjoy Oblivion and Sidekick Kato a hell of a lot, I guess that's somewhat apparent since we've done splits with both bands. Its good to hear Kato is playing together again after a short break-up. I also like Alkaline Trio, Blue Meanies and Mary Tyler Morphine. I can't comment on a lot of the newer bands, since I moved to Michigan I'm kinda out of the loop. The Fireside Bowl and Metro are where we play most of our hometown shows. Both places are cool with me.

When you guys aren't living the lives of rock stars, what do you do in your free time?

Scott: I hang at home with the wife and listen to music or read. Pretty boring eh?
Kurdt: I try to draw pictures of things. Someday someone may give me money for this.
Sean: I play golf. I have sex. I enjoy a nice drink every now and again. I also like to turn all the lights in my house off & hide in my bedroom when people knock on the door. Just one of my flaws.

Is there anything in the works for the band? Any news?

Sean: Scott is still trying to have that baby & Todd is working on his one-man show, "If Sean Connery Was Really Harrison Fords Father".
Scott: We're working on songs for a new album that we're recording in June. That's about it right now.

Why have you chose to leave Johanns face for your recent releases?

Kurdt: Things happen, some things do not happen. Time to move on.
Scott: We are shamefully motivated by the almighty dollar. I think our main problem with Johanns was a lack of communication on the part of our band and the label. No real big dirty secrets.
Sean: Because we like to be paid for our hard work and talent. Something Johanns didn't like to do.

Who would actually win in a steel cage match, you or oblivion?

Kurdt: We would be the type of wrestlers that would beg for our lives and then when the other guys are basking in their glory, Wham! A metalchair in the back of the head.
Sean: Easy, us. See, Oblivion fancies themselves as wrestlers, however we have the Chicago-style mafia & Chicago-style plumbers unions on our side. Much like 88 Finger Louie & Pegboy respectfully...
Scott: I firmly believe we could take them, we have a defiant weight advantage and the numbers are stacked in our favor. Plus we're not afraid to fight dirty.

With the sudden death of your good friend & long-time engineer Phil Bonnet, how has that affected you and how did you choose a replacement for a man that did so much with you?

Sean: I wish that Phil was still alive. Period. I really miss him.
Scott: I'm sure its going to sound cheesy, but we're never going to be able to replace Phil. When we first started working with him he made us feel like we were doing something of worth. Personally I am very intimidated musically. I know its already been said by other people in other interviews, but Phil could make you feel good about what you were doing. He was a great listener and a very generous man. I just recently listened to our old recordings that we did with Phil, and conversations we had, goofy shit that took place in the studio all came rushing back. I'm sure everyone that had contact with him would agree Phil changed their life, weather it was making you rethink your stance on an issue, a piece of music... anything. Its hard not having him around. You just expect that you are going to be able to call him up to get together, or get a call from him telling you he's having people over, and its just not going to be that way anymore. I still think about him just about every day. I've had some time to deal with it now, so most of my memories of him are of the good stuff that happened. Funny things that took place in our lives, or cracks he made that are applicable to the situation I'm in at the time. Often times I'll just be sitting there and one of the things he said makes me start laughing. This can be kind of uncomfortable when you're standing next to someone in a public washroom pissing or something, but he is sorely missed. As far as choosing a new place to record, we just listened to stuff from local studios that sounded good, and decided to go with Kingsize in Chicago. I guess we'll see how it works out in June.
Kurdt: I think we wanted to find someone who could understand our vision of how to do a record. Phil had a special insight on that and starting over with someone else will be difficult, but I hope exciting.

If you could be any vegetable, what would you be? And why?

Scott: Asparagus, cuz it makes your pee smell funny.
Kurdt: An onion. Because I smell and stay on your fingers for a week.
Sean: Does Christopher Reeves count?