Considerate Suicide
Pop Goes The World (Men Without Hats)
Lugubrious Smiles Often End in Bouts of Laughter
Pop Sensibilities
Great Escape
Personal Best
Teen Anger
Hopeless & Fucked
Drunk Helen
Sixteen (Version 1)
Deeper Than Inside (Rites Of Spring)
In The Corner (The Vindictives)
How She Gave Us Something Back
Box of Pills
Speaking In A Menthol Way
Good Luck To You
Quick Joey Small (1910 Fruitgum Co.)
Ira Feldner's Great American Rip-off
Recipe for Oblivion
Excel (Sidekick Kato)

Suburban Home Records #SH-014

We had met up with Virgil from Suburban Home Records in Denver during a show we played with Sloppy Seconds and The Nobodys, and he showed interest in working with us, and this is the result. Our Johann's Face material belonging to us, we decided to re-release it while giving the fans enough new stuff to make it all worthwhile, Thus, this CD is mostly unreleased material, with rare 7-inch material, and Daterape Nation included. With the exception of "Lugubriuous Smiles" (which was left off House...because we played it too fast for Todd to sing), all the songs were slated for release at one time or another, but didn't fit in with what we were doing at the time. The CD is not only our most diverse as a result, but most listenable. Cover songs by Rites Of Spring, Men Without Hats, and Sidekick Kato among the surprises.