Idiot Revolution
Hello, Hello
Pop Goes The Weasel
Small Things
Dear Abby

1994 Dyslexic Records #04
Out of Print
1998 (Re-press)
Dyslexic Records / Choke Inc.
Out Of Print

We wrote these songs really fast (and played them fast, too). We had planned on playing this 10-inch live in it's entirety at Isabel's Grand Finale (the show with the "pie fight"), but the police shut the show down after Los Crudos played. This is definitely our favorite release, and though it doesn't sound like the stuff that came before it, the songs we wrote afterwards continued in this vein. Along with the 6 songs for the 10-inch, we also recorded "Oreo" and "Stand By Me", which ended up on Dyslexic's Van" compilation years later (and even later, the re-release of the Superincredibleheavydutydudes cd). Darryl and Bob from the Bollweevils contributed background vocals on all the songs (you can really tell it's them), and Erik Pertl (Groovy Love Vivbes) did the cover art. "Small Things", the song with all the bells and chimes, has only been played live a couple times. But the "chimes" show up in every song. They were on the floor while we did back-ups, and people kept stepping on them. It sounds like bottles breaking, so we left it in. We get lots of letters about the song "Pop Goes the Weasel", mostly from those wondering if it's some anti-Screeching Weasel manifesto. It is not. Though Todd won't go into specifics besides the fact that it's about "more than one person", I think the song is more general than most people want it to be. It's a Chicago thing, afterall. The title "Jerk Lessons" came from Scott, after he saw some animated televison show about Junior Campers.