How She Gave Us Something Back
Box of Pills
Speaking In A Menthol Way
Good Luck To You

Fueled By Ramen Records #007
Out of Print

The first release with Sean playing. These songs were supposed to be for our next full-length, but we really wanted to get something new out. The original plan was to revive the corpse of Dick Records and put it out ourselves. However, we played with Less Than Jake and they mentioned us to Fueled By Ramen and, well, look what happened. Those suckers put out our record. The girl singing backups on "How she gave us something back" is Kelli Sullivan (ex 8-Bark, currently in The Fosters) and she's a good old girl, sings real pretty-like. The title was given by Scott who has some strong feelings for the Led Zeppelin III, we just can't figure out why... (o.k. I can't figure out why).