From Flipside Fanzine #116 Jan / Feb 1999

Apocalypse Hoboken

Todd is in the hospital for a throat infection/tonsilitis/blood poisoning thing. It's bad. Here's the list which Todd gave to me in a heavily medicated moment:

Top 10 reasons why Pegboy sucks
1. Refusal to admit that Bhopal Stiffs is a superior band.
2. "Reunion 2010."
3. Blistering out-of-town shows?
4. Reliance on instrumentals when Larry becomes winded.
5. Possibility of side bands still exists.
6. Insistence that all food be prepared "Chicago-style."
7. John Haggarty's never-ending cigarette.
10. Due to Todd being heavily medicated he was unable to finish the list, but promises to finish someday. At least, that's what I think he said. Todd insisted on this list and states that we are the kings of Chicago and some other stuff to.

- Sean, Apocalypse Hoboken