Speaking In A Menthol Way

Ray it doesn't matter anyway speaking in a menthol way
It doesn't matter what you say time can heal the deepest wounds
Life is like a cartoon good days are coming back soon
Here they come
Hey laughing little piggy whose dreams are getting kind of sticky
I hope you've learned your lesson bound and gagged for fun
Hey sleepy pretty white boy whose words never cease to annoy
I hope you've learned your lesson sticky sweet striped gum
I have done a lot of stupid things heartbreak is what my action brings
Apologies are what I sing you caught me at a bad time
My hands have put me in a bind but things are rounding up fine
Here they come
Why do even have to take a side is it a question of your pride
To confront what you feel are lies take a look in the mirror
Do ya' think I look queer I think it's exactly what you fear
So tired of being ashamed
So sick of being blamed
Take charge for what you've done
We don't need help from anyone
Don't be ashamed of your life cause it's lame
I'm sure one day you'll bathe in fame