In The Corner (The Vindictives)
Deeper Than Inside (Rites Of Spring)

Dick Records #003
(600 pressed with 24 different sleeves)
Out of Print

We were becoming discouraged with how long it was gonna take to get our new full length out. We had a couple of good shows coming up with Suicide Machines at Metro and our annual taking over of Fireside Bowl for New Years Eve. So, we decided to release a 7-inch with one song from the upcoming record and a couple of covers that we had initially recorded for the Blue Meanies split record (7-inch or 10-inch who the fuck knows) that will probably never see the light of day. We pressed 600 and sold them at shows for $1.00. I have seen them at stores for as much as $3.50, whatever. There are something like 24 different sleeves featuring pictures we took on tours. The picture above is of Scott and some friends we made in San Diego. Other pictures include "The Fist" in Detroit, Andy's ass, Todd with Mimosa bottle and sweater vest, and even one of Kurdt (yes, he really exists).