07.15.10 (08:38:55 pm)
A new interview with Todd from (Nobody Knows) I'm New Wave was added to the Scrapbook plus I finally got off my dead ass and posted some pictures from last year's Riot Fest on the A / V page.

08.25.09 (02:33:29 pm)
Tons of pictures and videos added. Thanks again to Patrick and Heather for sharing their photos. If you have any to add send them HERE.
08.23.09 (04:44:46 pm)
The Onion's A.V. club compiled a list of the catchiest and strangest Apocalypse Hoboken songs. Check out the full article (minus the YouTube clips) in the Scrapbook.

If you took pictures at any of the shows this past weekend send them to this (clever) email address,
08.01.09 (04:24:19 pm)
The official word on these upcoming Apocalypse Hoboken shows...

Indeed, the old car is starting again for 2 shows – Friday, August 21st at Bottom Lounge with Elephant Gun, Millions, and Bier Slut; and Saturday, August 22nd at Reggie’s with The Brokedowns and Vacation Bible School . This will be the original line-up of A.H. that some of you lucky folks were lucky enough to see last December for about 30 minutes at Reggie’s for charity and lucky feelings. But this time we get PAID! Despite the collective power of Todd, Scott, Sean, Kurdt, and Andy, Joe Principe cannot attend due to touring obligations but has given these shows his blessing.

We have 60 songs ready to go. Friday we will play all of Microstars; Saturday we will play all of The House of the Rising Son of a Bitch. We estimate about 35 songs per night, mostly non-repeats. This means you have to attend both shows if you really want your fill. We will also be playing many songs live that we have never played live before (we may even make a few up). You can get tickets through, or you can sit at home and bite your pillow. Either way, don’t expect to see naked men this time. We’ll leave that to the Seth Rogan movies.
07.20.09 (07:04:52 pm)
Tickets for the August 22nd show at Reggie's Rock Club are now availabe! Get your's HERE.
04.07.09 (12:08:35 am)
Apocalypse Hoboken are playing another show!

Tickets for the August 21st show at the Bottom Lounge are now available! Get your's HERE.
01.21.09 (02:52:45 pm)
Thanks to Heather and Bob for sending in pictures from the ARFhouse benefit show. Check them out on the A / V page.
12.22.08 (02:33:27 pm)
Follow this link for a video of the full set from the ARFHouse benefit show. And when you're finished watching that go to the Scrapbook and check out Chapter 3 in the Tales from the A.H. Files.

If you have any pictures from the show please send them here.
12.19.08 (07:31:22 pm)
As promised, more Tales from the A.H. Files.

12.18.08 (09:49:34 pm)
Chapter one in the Tales from the A.H. Files is now up in the Scrapbook. Keep checking back - more are on their way.
12.06.08 (05:14:30 pm)
Apocalypse Hoboken is reforming to play the ARFHOUSE benefit show at Reggie's on December 20th (for more details go to There will be over a dozen bands including The House That Gloria Vanderbilt, Veterans, Heart Shaped Hate, Lynyrd's Innards, Tongues, Vacation Bible School, American Draft, Papillion, The Ronject, Mexican Cheerleader and a few others I can't think of off the top of my head. This show is only $10.00 (but $15.00 if you show up after 10:00) and it is for CHARITY, so help out some animals, bands, and yourself.
12.02.08 (12:16:01 pm)
The site is back! Take a look around. You might be pleasantly surprised.

If you have ANYTHING Apocalypse Hoboken related please get in touch. Over the years I've lost a lot of stuff - mostly pictures. I'd like to replace those and add as much as possible.