Recipe For Oblivion

Thought they had a better plan
But the couldn't find a better man
And everything worked out just fine
For those who quit cuz they couldn't make a buck
You - you kept your fucking mouth shut
And everything worked out just fine
I can't see you any other way
You gnawed you tongue and made the fuckers pay
Cut through shit and pissed on graves
You gnawed your tongue and made the fuckers pay
I don't know much about nothing
I'm touching myself again
Jessie's cold sore's acting up
Steve's in my backseat throwing up
Carl's young with only two years left
Pee Pee's whistling through a swollen cleft
Marc he's changing all the rules
Blain is Spanish and never loses
Tom is convinced he's an alien
And I'm touching myself again!
Don't be afraid
I'm not here to hurt you
Do you wanna date?
Or maybe I'll just scream in your face
I'll catalog your feelings
You don't know how much I hate
Do you wanna dance?
Then dance with me, just fucking dance
I can smile like everyone else
But I refuse I refuse
With my defenses down
You shoot me down
I'm a simple man
Just an ordinary guy
And I'm still alive
Despite all the lies
Get it on with Oblivion
On and on in Oblivion