Port Wine Stain

Scattered bout my ashes and we'll dance a thousand dances to
The swelling parasite inside my heart
Lucky strikes on painted time
Couldn't get you off my mind
Couldn't stop the itching
The complaining and the bitching
I hear sounds of once happy families ripped apart
Sweating in the springs I don't think I wanna sing
I wanna tear this blue hell tear it right apart
And I know just what I want
To be back with you right in your skin
I feel bad for everything
And I know you're there to let me in
I've been red for three weeks straight
My depression is no mystery
So I sit back and hold my tears and
Drink away my misery
Hey I'm alone how bout you?
Do you appreciate the things I do?
Put away the past at the pace of a crawl
You close your eyes to build a wall
Soon enough our day will come
This love is true and may sound strange to some
Dance hall days just like a phase
To get to you just to be misplaced