Exploding Howitzer Guy
Killer Bee
Rear Admiral

Fullon Records #FOR-002
Out of print

This was an Apocalypse Hoboken release only due to the fact that a): We were playing under the name for 2 years and b): when Ted decided to quit (or get away from us before we killed him, depending on who you ask), we were damned if were going to give up the name. (We should have given up the name). Hindsight here is clear, but we trudged on with a "new direction", which meant less pop and more crunch (?). While we had written music for A.H., none of us had ever written a whole song, or one apart from Ted, who was good at writing songs. So Punish the Innocent was Scott, Andy, and Rich reinventing A.H. on their own terms (and with no one to blame but themselves for the results). Lyle Zimmerman was a very good friend, so we asked him to sing. Josh Caterer was actually brought in by Ted to join A.H. right before he left. We were never really clear if Ted wanted Josh to sing or take over second guitar, and I think ultimately Josh balked at the whole idea. Scott and Josh got on well, however, so Scott invited him to come play with us, and he and Lyle eventually ended up playing on Punish the Innocent. This line-up did two shows: one in Naperville at a photo studio, and one at a small teen club in Warrenville. We once again recorded with Phil Bonnet, and it was very hassle free and fun. I believe it was during these sessions that Phil first showed us the video of R. Bud Dwyer blowing his head off, ensuring that we would forever record with Phil. The Smoking Popes would eventually record with Phil, too, I might add. He was a magical man. Special note: One can hear Josh screaming "You killed my brother!" at the end of "Jerk". We never play songs off this release, but it's not bad.