My God
Joe Piscopo
Duct Tape
Mealy Mouth
Greatest Dad
Jag Rag, 6 Pack & A Blunt
Bad Time
Face Down
Cup `O Life
Big Guy
King Friday
Try To Try
Stand By Me

Dyslexic Records #02
(Includes The Kingpin & Strikes Back 7-inches)
Out of print.

Labyrinth Media Intl. #05
(Includes Planet Minivan compilation tracks but omits three songs from the Dyslexic Records pressing)
Out Of Print.

Our first full length, where we tried to insert all sorts of funny bits and weird sounds. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. The piano on "Doubt" is still pretty cool. There is no explaining Todd's vocals on "Mealy Mouth" however. Overall, we weren't as pleased with this as we had wished. We still play songs like "Joe Piscopo" and "Bad Time", but much faster. This CD also had The Kingpin and Strikes Back 7-inches on the end. The new reissue on Labyrinth will be more a mix of the album and 7-inches, with "Greatest Dad", "Doublecross", and "King Friday" getting the shaft. Sorry. The title of the CD has something to do with Cheech and Chong. The cover photo may contain Ringmaster Ned of Bozo's Circus and some Wheaton Cops. Just don't let them know, okay?