Ira Feldner's Great American Rip-off
Recipe for Oblivion

Harmless Records #HR017
Out Of Print

At long last, the only 2 bands in Chicago worth a shit put up or shut up. The wrestling theme came from the Oblivion camp. We had a little trouble getting the artwork done in time for the big show at the fireside bowl. Rumor has it that the original artist had his fingers broken in a freak gloryhole accident... Hey, it's just a rumor. The Oblivion side was recorded by Chuck Uchida & our side was recorded by Sean @ Solid Sound. About the songs: Ira Feldners Great American Rip-Off is a true story about Todd's old boss, and Recipe For Oblivion is about Oblivion. Actually, it's 3 songs in section relating to each member with lyrics to match.