I'm sorry I ever cared
This is a sorry way to start
So I'll just say it plain and bare
I'm sorry I broke your heart
I'm sorry I laughed at your hair
And spilled beer on your coat
I'm sorry I always loved you
And kept every letter you wrote
I'm sorry I puked in your car
And flushed your keys down the toilet
I'm sorry I shaved your kitty cat
And stuck his tail int he outlet
I didn't mean to spoil your day
I didn't mean to ruin your life
And if I could take it all back
You know I just might
I'm not sad I'm just dumb
I'm the boy made of stone
Stupid guy yes I am
I'm the boy who's all alone
I'm sorry to hear you're dead
I'm sorry I got too close
I never knew you hurt that bad
And now everybody knows