Summer Assault

Last night our beer turned to piss
And all the holes laughed at our miss
While the others danced to toy box bands
It didn't make a difference they still try to break you
I know you have to have a reason
For all the wallets that walked out the in door
It doesn't matter what your parents said
It doesn't matter it just don't matter

Waiting for all the bars to shut down
You got them running another night on the town
Summer assault and summer time
Looking through your bloodshot eyes
You get it on
I know I got a right to be wrong
That's why I wrote all of you this song
Some are weak and some are strong
Looking through your braindead eyes
You get it on

Last night out piss turned to beer
And all out shows ended in fear
While the others danced that cocaine dance
It didn't make a difference it's all still the same to you
I know that things are getting better
And you made them believe that you're a go-getter
It doesn't matter what those teachers said
It doesn't matter it just don't matter

He fingers you ‘til the morning
You can't wait ‘til next weekend
Some things never change
Most things stay the same

I'm afraid for you and me
That we'll end up like dead batteries
Chances are I'll be dead and gone
So get it on