I can almost read you mind
I know what you feel inside
Anger’s burning in your eyes
We all know what it means
Pseudo gang of mindless monkeys
Protectors of the unknown scene
You say you’re strong – we know you’re wrong
We’ve put up with you much too long

Keep in mind – we’re always on your side
We’re on your side, we’re on your…
Hate is blind – and hate can carry
On and on and on and on and….
The more you hate – we become more aware
That what you stand for isn’t far
The accusations – we become more aware
You’re not the only one who cares

Power’s not the issue here
It’s time to conquer all our fears
Just put aside our foolish pride
Show me you can try
Let me be the catalyst
My heart is pounding in my head
So loud that sometimes I forget
What used to matter most to me