Submissive Wetter

The rice is cold the kettle's overflowing
It's lonely at the bus stop
Curtain call a hairlip on the end
Funeral parade rainy morning
Put to rest another wasted week
I don't care bout soaking up the cider
All my brothers have stabbed me in the back
Stinking up old man Peterson
Lubrication caused another rash
Little Richie found a place to hide
(Keep 'em running)
Scream children scream
The rice is cold the kettle's overflowing
The warm skin dawns a sunny morning
A thousand eyes staring back at me
The sweet sounds of neighbors moaning
Skinned knees on blood stained sheets
Lather up the world's crumbling
Tick tock baby you don't stop
Torn denim on a rusty swing set
Another stillborn on Oak Street bench